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king twin beds inches in length
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King Size Mattress Basics

Just how big is a standard king size mattress? Normally, a king size mattress is one that measures 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. Couples who need lots of room while sleeping will find a king size mattress roomy enough, as it's about 16 inches wider than a queen bed. The only potential downside to a standard is that it's just the same length as a queen, which may be inadequate for tall adults.

It's almost as wide as to twin beds put together, actually. Twin beds measure 38" x 75". This means that if you have a guest room, a good choice for beds would perhaps be two twin beds. They can either be separated or combined to form a bed that would measure like a king size mattress. Another name for a standard king size mattress, by the way, is "Eastern King."

Those on the west coast may hear about a California-king size bed, also known as "Western King." Its dimensions are 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This means they were probably designed for taller folks. Actually, it's the longest king size mattress available anywhere.

You can, of course, have a mattress custom made for you if a California king size mattress is still inadequate, but a problem you'll have are the bedsheets. The maximum size for bedsheets are for California king, so you'll have to have bedsheets custom-made as well.

Couples would enjoy having a king size mattress especially when there are lots of small kids who might want to snuggle with them on sleepy Sunday mornings. You won't feel cramped with a king size mattress even when there are two to three kids happily joining you in bed.

The only problem with king size mattresses is that they may be difficult to move in and out of bedrooms. Remember, its width is about two twin beds combined, so navigating your king size mattress through stairwells, narrow corridors, and doorways can be rather tricky. Always bring a tape measure with you to the home depot and don't forget to measure all the areas concerned before you go shopping for a king size mattress.

You should be careful buying sheets for your king size mattress. Flat sheets can fit them okay, but fitted sheets fit either a California King or a Western King, but not the other. When bedsheets are labeled "King Size," they normally fit a standard King size mattress.

When you have a king size mattress, you need to also purchase more pillows. This wide a bed needs at least 2 king or queen pillows, or 3 standard ones. This seems to be the price you'll have to pay for wanting a wider bed space.

You don't have to walk up and down the lanes of large home depots to search for the right kind of mattress. All you need to do is surf the Internet and find the ideal mattress which fits your budget. Mattresses of this size cost anywhere between $650 to upwards of $1300.

Prices go higher as special orthopedic covers are included with the mattress. The mattresses themselves have durable coil springs, dense foam, and long-lasting steel side supports.

king twin beds inches in length
inches in width